Treasure Time®


Music and DramaThe concept of Treasure Time® is that children can learn literacy by experiencing a picture book through the arts of dance, drama and song. Treasure Time Drama programs are intergenerational, where children of varying ages work together to put on a play and give back to the community. By singing songs, acting out scenes or characters, doing creative movement and hands on art work, kids use their multiple senses to bring meaning to the material in the book and internalize it. Learning becomes fun and more than a phonics drill or mass of letters to decipher.

Music is also an important part of Treasure Time®. Young children love music, and it is proven to increase intelligence and actually develop brain cells. Mrs. Treasure offers music courses to parents of infants through toddlers as well as ages 3-6. She incorporates her own original songs along with traditional songs and rhythmic exercises with principles gained from training with the Music Together program.

Other applications used for Treasure Time® programs are for children with learning disabilities, ESL programs, home schooling, library story hours, day care and after school programs. Treasure Time is based on a classroom model and thus serves as a lesson plan for staff training. Each Treasure Time program lasts about 22 minutes, and is adaptable for TV, DVDs and apps on iPads and smart phones.