Lee M. Drescher, Creator & Executive Producer
of Treasure Time®

Lee M. Drescher developed the Treasure Time concept from a deep understanding of childhood learning processes gained from more than a decade of teaching and working with young children.

Lee M. Drescher, Creator & Executive Producer of Treasure TimeApproaching the year 2000, she created and produced a series of more than twenty half-hour episodes of an educational program for children on the local cable access television channel in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Ms. Drescher holds a B.A. from Boston University and two Master’s Degrees; one in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, and another in School Libraries from Boston University. She served on the Board of the Association for the Advancement of Educational Research (AAER) where she presented several papers on Media Education, and was VP of conference planning. Her creation of Treasure Time has allowed her to act as an advocate for the importance of the arts in the education and development of young minds.

Ms. Drescher served as a Board member for Public Action for Arts & Education in Boston, and also served on the task force for Boston’s After-School for All Partnership. She has produced after-school programs targeting culturally disadvantaged youth for The Citizen’s School in New Bedford and at The tierny Center in South Boston, MA. In February 2007 she received a Muse Award from Public Action for the Arts and Education. She also won a RAVE award on cable for Programming for Kids by Adults.

Ms. Drescher has been active with the Mass Library Association and Cultural Council, as she continues to present STEAM literacy programs at area libraries schools and daycare centers. With grant money received, she worked In South Boston for five years where she did story programs in eight Head Start Centers, and now she is presenting programs to PACE Head Start and preschools in New Bedford. Her story presentations also serve as educational models for classroom teachers.

Ms. Drescher is active at Wheelock College Theatre in supporting children’s theatre and implementing new combined arts programs. In 2016 she founded The Treasure Time Storybook Theatre, which is a group of young actors who sing songs and put on plays about picture books. The purpose of these shows is to encourage audience and family participation, promote literacy and instill a love of books about the arts and sciences. Lee Drescher’s present effort and vision is geared towards promoting Treasure Time for national television and interactive applications for social media.

Treasure Time Programs serve as teaching models, which demonstrate the reading of a picture book along with songs, creative movement, and related art activities. Programs also have components of Math and Science, thus comply with requirements for STEAM (Science & Technology, interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements).