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Treasure Time Media

The goal of Treasure Time is to instill within children a love and interest in the world through reading and knowledge gained from the written word.

Treasure Time December 2019

“The Give Away” – Treasure Time

“The Elves and the Shoemaker” – Treasure Time

Treasure Time Trailer from Bon Visage

“Stellaluna” -Treasure Time

“Snow Bears” – Treasure Time

STEAM PLUS Programs by Treasure Time promote literacy through the arts and sciences to children aged 2-8, along with lessons of life. These plays and stories expose children to text and enrich children’s lives, as they acquaint them with a myriad of topics which delve into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, STEAM; while PLUS is for issues which kids confront during childhood. Treasure Time programs can help children to become informed and catch up after being isolated for a year due to the pandemic or they can just help them to acquire reading skills and learn new facts.