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Treasure Time Brings Books to Life!

Music, Acting and Creative Movement


Welcome to Treasure Time

The goal of Treasure Time is to instill within children a love and interest in the world through reading and knowledge gained from the written word. When children engage in music, acting, creative movement and art projects, lessons of life and miracles of science take on new meaning. Through self-expression, Treasure Time programs inspire creativity and enthusiasm.
Story Time with Mrs. Treasure Time

Mrs. Treasure will be doing weekly Story Hours on Facebook, YouTube and her website.  Along with reading a picture book, she will present corresponding activities and lots of songs for kids to sing along and dance to.

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Treasure Time is a 22 minute children’s show for ages 2-8, which promotes literacy and the sciences through the arts (STEAM), and is good for family viewing. The show is based on picture books, and is both live and animated.  After a story is read, six “Zoom” age children act it out in a musical skit.  All the kids on the show are unique, as they relate to the main theme and create stories of their own.

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Treasure Time Productions Drama Programs

This dramatic experience is about having an opportunity to put on a play and be part of a team.  After children read a picture book, they perform a short musical skit. They become involved in the process of creating scenery, props, and designing costumes. The culmination of this eight week session is a performance for family and friends, which is also an occasion for family engagement. These programs also serve for cable TV shows.

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STEAM PLUS Programs by Treasure Time promote literacy through the arts and sciences to children aged 2-8, along with lessons of life. These plays and stories expose children to text and enrich children’s lives, as they acquaint them with a myriad of topics which delve into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, STEAM; while PLUS is for issues which kids confront during childhood. Treasure Time programs can help children to become informed and catch up after being isolated for a year due to the pandemic or they can just help them to acquire reading skills and learn new facts.